DCD® Sceletium Tortuosum

DEF® is currently the world leader in pure Sceletium extracts which are in demand around the globe. Also known as Kanna, Kougoed or Channa, the succulent groundcover is native to South Africa and Namibia.  Traditionally, the dried roots were chewed by the SAN people to assist them into a trancelike state.  Today it is a key ingredient in natural anti-anxiety and anti-stress formulations.

Active: Total Alkaloids which we offer at 3% and 5% purity. (Ratio 100:1) (We are also working on a 10% total alkaloids purity and will release result in last quarter 2014)
Usage: Treatment of anxiety and depression; Natural feel good; Treatment of emotional eating disorders


  • Treatment of anxiety and depression
  • Natural feel good
  • Treatment of emotional eating disorders


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